It's A Dogs Life

The Dogs' Diary
Santa and a Christmas Pud
Oh dear, we don't know what to say.
A few days ago Polly's daughter went shopping and came back with these
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Buster's Diary
It's a while since we dogs did a post, not a lot has been happening, our lives are pretty much the same day after day - morning walk, sleep, food, bit of play, more sleep, a brush every couple of days and nail clipping now and again, calm routine until ........... cats, not one but two, moved in next door.
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Rufus' Diary
Well there's not much happening here at Chez Olive & Pru. In between hibernating, reading and working on her dolls house Scary Lady hasn't been doing much, she really doesn't like this time of year. 
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Buster's Diary
Our walks are slightly better now that the weather is a little cooler, SL is still wearing shorts though, well knee length ones, she doesn't want to scare the horses! Despite going out earlier it was getting uncomfortably hot by the time we were on our way back.
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Buster's Diary - Rufus Can Swim!

He didn't know he could until he went into a pond that was deeper than he thought! we're used to paddling around in shallow streams. We have been doing a longer route for our morning walks, SL thinks  it will help her shed the few extra pounds that she has put on over winter. What is it with humans and their weight?! The route takes us along the side of a stream that opens out into a small pond.

Merry Christmas from Buster, Rufus and Moi

Can't believe it, Christmas Eve and I've mowed the lawn! it's been bugging me for a while. I didn't spend too much time on it and I didn't trim the edges but it looks much better.
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Buster's Diary

Rufus has hurt his paw again, it's very red and sore and he's hopping around on three legs, so no walks for him for a day or two. Our walks are very wet and muddy at the moment, two songs go through SL's mind when we're out - Mud Glorious Mud and Slip Sliding Away. Part of our walk takes us across or beside this small stream, depending on the water level.
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Rufus' Diary
The weather is starting to get chilly in the mornings and SL is wearing her winter coat. Some mornings she wears her gloves and hat, but she usually takes these off after about 20 minutes. The horses are wearing their coats too.

Buster's Diary
One of our walks involves crossing this bridge, over a stile and into a field that leads into other fields. It's a nice walk and used to be a regular one until the bridge broke. We continued to use it occasionally until the day I refused to cross it on the way back from our walk, it was starting to get a bit wobbly.
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Rufus' Diary

It's been bit of an eventful week here at chez O&P. Poor little Buster, those horrible harvest mites are giving him a hard time. The Frontline spray that SL used on his legs was effective but she didn't think about spraying his chest.
Buster's Diary - Harvest Mites

I'm suffering from harvest mites again. Last year my legs were so red they looked as if they had been burned. It isn't quite so bad this time because Scary Lady started treating them sooner.

The Dog's Diary - Today's Walk

Oh dear, look at us, soaked to the skin. Scary Lady got it so wrong today. Even she got wet as she only had her flimsy shower coat on.

Rufus' Diary - Stinky and The Chicken Slayer
Stinky, how outrageous, calling me such a name, me whose name has been used in the same sentence as elegant aristocrat.
Buster's Diary
The chicken slayer. I just chased it and caught it, it's what us dogs do. Read more
Buster's Diary - How Scary Lady got her name
Monday's walk: Got soaked. The weather was good when we went out but the storm clouds soon appeared. It was all right for scary lady (that's her who does this blog thing - will explain later) she had her coat on.

Rufus' Diary 
Tuesday: Tearing across the fields like we do, winding Buster up to chase me knowing that he can never catch me because I can turn on a sixpence, then ouch that was painful, caught my foot on something, need to slow down a bit. Back home and it's bleeding profusely and I have to hold the leg off the ground.

That Pesky Cat

Now and again when Rufus is in the front lounge he does an eerie bark, a sort of cross between a bark and a howl, I know its Rufus and I know why.

A Muddy Walk
I don’t like cold weather, but one advantage of frosty mornings is the mud takes longer to soften, so the dogs don’t get too dirty. However a couple of days ago we met some friends who have a beautiful white Husky cross, and while we were talking the dogs were playing.

Grumpy Old Man
Buster is four now and in danger of turning into a grumpy old man! Bless him, he does have his moments though.


Rufus was a rescue dog and is about two years old. He is a real character, crazy and funny.
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Buster was such a cute puppy but he was a little devil in the garden.

Meet the Dogs

Rufus (left) and Buster are Lurchers, Rufus has more greyhound in him, Buster has more terrier. 
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