10 December 2017

All Good Things Come To An End

Oh My Word, last week I was enjoying temperatures of 30+ today we've been ankle deep in snow!!

 So I'm sitting here with the central heating on and a throw over my lap 
doing a round up of holiday images that I haven't used yet.

Spring flowers courtesy of BeFunky Collage Maker

 If you're ever in Fremantle do visit the Kakulas Sister Gourmet Grocery Store.
Purveyors of quality groceries and fine foods. 

Just walking past you get a delightful aroma of what's inside.

And when you've finished shopping call in at Moore & Moore cafe

 It's quirky

Sells great coffee and food
and has a lovely cool courtyard and a fun children's area at the back

My favourite place for breakfast, was Duck Duck Bruce

Their "Orange Is The New Stack" is absolutely gorgeous
vanilla pancake stack, burnt orange curd, toasted almonds, lemon poppyseed cheesecake
I couldn't get enough of it, and their coffee is the best in Freo. 

Housed in a heritage listed cottage, it's a fun and quirky dog friendly cafe with top notch food and coffee, 
fresh juices, super friendly staff and a lovely garden courtyard. 

 When I was mooching around Perth last year I was in search of cows 
this year I was just mooching around


My two wouldn't wait patiently like this, they would be running around all over the place!

 A little something to keep your handwash in!

Fremantle War Memorial, Monument Hill

All good things come to an end
Now it's time to start Christmas preparations.

Stay warm, keep well.

Polly x 

6 December 2017

Wall Art

Oh dear, it's the last day of my holiday and I am sad, very sad to be leaving my daughter.

I still have a few images to share with you.

I'm a fan of wall art, a lot of aptitude and talent goes into it.
Fremantle has an abundance of graffiti, or "tags" as it is more commonly known. 

A few years ago the council decided that graffiti can be art, however offensive graffiti will be removed upon discovery by city officers or when reported, and can result in fines and a criminal record. 

Genuine artists need to go through a mural application process or get involved in the city's urban art program. 

These next 10 images run the length of a warehouse selling household items from around the world.

These three and the cricket are on the old Myers building which is due for renovation

Looking down Freo High Street 


Hope you have enjoyed the tour of wall art, just a few of many around the city.

Time to pack my case now....

Polly x 

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