22 March 2018

A Good Read

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez
Sunny is the proud proprietor of a small coffee shop in one of the most dangerous places on earth. She offers hospitality to the expatriates, misfits, missionaries, and mercenaries who stroll through the doors. Sunny and four very different women befriend each other and form a bond of friendship and secrets. Working alongside Sunny is the maternal Halajan, who vividly recalls the days before the Taliban and who must now hide a modern romance from her ultra traditional son, who, unbeknownst to her, is facing his own religious doubts. Isabel is a British journalist on the trail of a risky story. Candace is a wealthy and well-connected American whose desire to help a local orphanage threatens to cloud her judgment, and when Yazmina, a young Afghan from a remote village, is kidnapped and left on a city street pregnant and alone, Sunny welcomes her into the café and gives her a home. But Yazmina’s pregnancy could put all their lives in jeopardy. 
Then there is Tommy, the love of Sunny’s life, who has gone off in pursuit of money and adventure. And the ruggedly handsome Jack, who left his family back home in Michigan to earn “danger pay” as a consultant. 

I enjoyed this. Depicting the nuances of life in Kabul, and the emotive issues concerning women, it is a thought provoking and absorbing read.

~Be warm and well ~

Polly x 

18 March 2018


My Friends live just outside Chichester in the small coastal village of Bosham

The village library

The villagers maintain the box.
I've seen a few like this one that have been given a new lease of life and looked after.
It was criminal that these lovely phone boxes were replaced by
the hideous Mercury glass and metal eyesores.

After leaving Chichester I stayed a night in Arundel, a lovely market town in the vale of the South Downs, West Sussex. It has a medieval castle and a Catholic cathedral.

View of the castle from my hotel room

Very nice comfortable room

Roomy bath and shower room

I didn't do my homework before planning this visit.
Being November the castle was closed......I think it's beautiful inside.

It's a pretty town

Muscovy ducks outside the tearoom

every time people arrived in their cars or left the tearoom the geese approached them en masse!

I liked Arundel

We have snow again, the temp reached 14C on Friday,
this morning the wind chill felt like -10!! crazy weather.

~Be warm and well ~

Polly x

15 March 2018

Chichester Cathedral

Chichester, a cathedral city in West Sussex with a history as a settlement from Roman times.
I visited in 2014 when I stayed with some friends I met on a safari.

The Cathedral and grounds are beautiful 

Tucked away in a corner, this might have been a gardener's shed

After saying goodbye to my friends I travelled to Arundel ..... up next

~Be warm and well ~

Polly x

11 March 2018

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day 
to all the wonderful, loving, caring Mums

Look what this lucky mum got: 

Not shop bought, my daughter put this hamper together

Such a cute little bear
guarding the Roses chocolates -  he knows they are one of my favourites  😋  

more of my favourite chocolate and a lovely breakfast cup

 scented candle, I like nice smells

hand cream
can never have enough hand cream, especially at this time of year
my darling daughter knows me well

beautiful flowers from my grandson and son-in-law

and this gorgeous card from my grandson
I keep all the cards my grandson gives me.
I'm a very lucky mum and nan.

~Be warm and well ~

Polly x

7 March 2018

A Good Read

The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian
Pilot Chip’s plane is struck by a flock of geese shortly after take-off. His attempt to land on the Hudson River goes terribly wrong and 39 people perish. Haunted by the accident, Chip and his wife, Emily, and their 10-year-old twin daughters move across country to Bethal in rural New Hampshire. 
Their hopes to recover from the trauma and rebuild their lives are hindered by a mysterious door (sealed with 39 bolts) in the basement of their dark creepy Victorian house, and some malevolent neighbours who have an unhealthy obsession with herbs and potions.
Chip plays out the crash scene in his mind over and over again, slowly driving himself mad. He is also visited by 3 ghosts, a woman, and a man and his daughter Ashley. They can’t “move on to the next world” The man insists that Chip sacrifices one of his daughters so that Ashley can have a playmate. Meanwhile the women of Bethal have their own agenda and are plotting a frightening ritual.

Harrowing descriptions of the plane going down, what happens next and how people died. Not to be read before planning a plane journey! It was slated on Good Reads and my book group didn’t like it but I did. Yes the plane crash was played out over and over again, but I think it was necessary to the plot of Chris driving himself insane. I was disappointed with the end but it was well written and held my attention throughout.

~Be warm and well ~

Polly x 

3 March 2018

A Change of Scenery

Coffee and scone in the cathedral this morning. It’s a once a month event and usually well attended but the weather kept a lot of people away today, including my friend M, we had another fall of snow last night and she just didn’t want to go out. It wasn't too bad though, I was well wrapped up and the temperature was up to 3 degrees! 

Apart from walking the dogs I hadn’t been out of the house since Tuesday and much as I like hibernating, making quilts and pottering around I had started to feel a bit stir crazy, I needed a change of scenery, and I wanted to go to the market for some fleece for a quilt.

We live along a bus route so the roads are gritted but ever since I had an accident a few years ago I avoid driving in snowy conditions. I thought I had given myself enough time to walk down to the bus stop but I had only just left the house when the bus came along, I stuck my arm out and hoped he would stop, which he did, so that was lucky.

Over my coffee and scone I got talking to a homeless man, although he didn’t describe himself as homeless, the flat he was renting burnt down so he was between homes. I think he was known to the volunteers because they addressed him by his name and were re-filling his coffee mug. Aged 63 he suffers from PTSD and has been abandoned by his family. He is currently sleeping in a local church that has been opened and staffed by volunteers, to help rough sleepers over this very cold period. His belongings were in two rucksacks but his phone, wallet, ID and bank cards had been stolen. Someone had given him another phone and when a friend returns from duty overseas the week after next he will have some help. He was well spoken, clean and well dressed and seemed to accept his lot. "It is what it is" he said.

I came away feeling troubled, should I have given him some money, and if I did would I have walked away wondering if I had been taken advantage of? I have bought sandwiches and hot drinks for people sitting on the pavements in town and I buy the Big Issue now and again, but rarely give money.

But ...... would it have mattered if I had been taken advantage of? maybe not
and would a few pounds mean more to him than it does to me? maybe. 

~Be warm and well ~
Polly x

1 March 2018

Rufus' Diary

Great walks these last couple of mornings, pretty snow. Buster and I love snow, in fact Buster got quite animated today, usually it's me that wants to run around and play and Buster is like "Stop bugging me, I just want to sniff everything" but today he was running around wanting me to chase him. 

Buster's pawprints

Our play fighting was a bit full on

both of us had small amounts of blood around our mouths but we're ok. It's what dogs do.

~Be warm and well ~



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